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Looking for the proper school can be a struggle for any student looking to make it big in our career oriented world, which is why more simplistic methods of research and discovery have become more readily available for those who wish to seek it out. is one such “make it easy” method in the world of college degree programs. It will allow you quick and easy access to all the top of the line schools and accredited schools out there when it comes down to acquiring your associate’s degree of higher educational standards, just set up some simple search terms and with one click of your mouse you’ll be given an assortment of schools that fit all your needs when looking for your A.S. degree.

This amazing site was created by Megan James after failing to find a slew of colleges on her own time that met her specifications. It was her failures that gave her the idea of making a website that made it as easy as possible to find all the schools out there that offer your A.S in whatever form you choose. Megan attended an accredited school to earn her A.S and it took her just as long as it would have taken her had she attended campus classes, that’s how diligent and to the core this service can be.

Of course to come up with an idea like that required her herself to learn exactly how to program and how to interpret computer code, which is why she chose to get her A.S. in computers to learn all she need to know about the technological aspects of the PC she uses every single day. When came to be, it was only after she gained her degree on her own terms that she decided now was the time to show others how simple it can be to find your degree and earn it in any fashion you wish just by using a search feature on a website. With this site in check now everyone can get what they need in less time then any usual college search and it’s worth every moment.