Science can be rather interesting and entertaining. It’s not just about boring stats and obscure formulas. Indeed, there are a number of ways that science can be fun, including being used in games. Science can be made even more accessible and fun with the help of technology.

Many associates degree students can learn science concepts with the help iPad apps. Not only are these apps useful, but they can be fun as well. Learning is important for an AS degree student, and the right technology can help you learn what you can. Here are 20 entertaining — and educational — iPad apps for the science nut.

Physical Science

These apps are aimed more at the physical sciences. You’ll find apps related to earth science, space science and astronomy, physics and other “hard” sciences.

  1. Touch Physics 2: Learn physics concepts with the help of this great game. Use physics concepts to solve puzzles and advance through 50 increasingly challenging levels. A great opportunity for fun and learning. Cost: $1.99
  2. Star Walk for iPad: Astronomy made simple with the help of this entertaining iPad app. Star Walk is very popular and has won awards for its design. This app is interactive, and can take you through the reaches of space. Perfect for the astronomy science nut. Cost: $4.99
  3. H20: This chemistry app is very entertaining. Don’t be fooled by its kid-friendly design. Even adults can be entertained by this chemistry app. Accurately learn chemistry concepts. A fun way to spend an hour or so, and brush up on the basics. Cost: $2.99
  4. Memorex Periodic Table: Adds a little flair to learning the Periodic Table of Elements. Perfect for use in chemistry and in earth science. Images are easy to understand, and helpful as you break it down. Colors make it easy to read, and to distinguish. Cost: Free
  5. EleMints: Periodic Table: Cool graphics, plus cool molar mass calculator and plot graph. Plenty of tools to keep you busy and entertained in a properly scientific manner. An amazing resource that is also amazingly entertaining. Perfect for the science geek. Cost: $4.99
  6. Earth Science Through Photography: Using beautiful pictures, you can learn basic earth science concepts. A great app for those who enjoy photography, as well as earth science. Details and audio are included for each photo. Cost: $4.99
  7. Fission HD: Particle simulator that results in explosions of color! Use your fingers to see nuclear reactions simulated in front of you, using a variety of patterns and colors. An amusing way to pass the time. Cost: $0.99
  8. Ancient and Modern Physics HD: A fun presentation of the history of physics. Find out about famous physicists from ancient times and continuing up through the ages, up until the beginning of the 20th century. Cost: $1.99
  9. NASA App: Just what you’d expect: Cool news, images and more from NASA. See images from outer space, as well as video. There are few things in this life cooler than nebulae. The space science geek will love this app, which connects you to the stars. Cost: Free

Life Science

If you are interested in medicine and biology, you can make use of the following iPad apps. These apps are designed to help you learn about the science of life.

  1. Video Biology: Engaging and award-winning teacher George Wolfe explains biology in easy to understand terms. Plenty of entertainment as well. Fun and educational. Cost: Free
  2. 3D Cell: Cool application that allows you to explore the workings of the cell. Interactive application also includes video, and the ability to focus in on certain cell structures. Presented in attractive 3D. You can spend hours being entertained and educated by this iPad app. Cost: Free
  3. Bio-Rad Real-Time PCR: You can use this iPhone/iPad app to design PCR experiments. Plenty of entertainment as you figure out the best way to go about creating your experiment so that you can learn something new. Will even help you solve problems as you go along. Cost: Free
  4. iCut DNA: Cool way to search REBASE for enzymes. You could spend hours looking up different bits of DNA code. A fun way to keep up with what’s happening in DNA. Cost: $4.99
  5. iMolview: Biological macromolecules are presented here. Delve into DNA, proteins and more. You can also look at the molecular structures of different drugs. A fun way to spend a few hours, especially since you can look up drug structures by their more well-known names. Cost: $0.99
  6. NatureMobile: Looking for some good reading material? Science geeks will love the access to life science publication Nature. You can use this iPad app to read the latest in science. Cost: Free

Engineering and Math

If you are looking for applied science, these apps can help. Use these apps to enjoy learning about engineering concepts and math concepts.

  1. TinkerBox HD: Engineering is fun with this great HD app from Autodesk. You can use this app to learn engineering concepts by playing games. Principles taught appear on the screen along with your engineering challenges. Cost: Free
  2. Mechanical Engineer: Formulas and other great information on mechanical engineering in one cool app. Presentation is cool, and that makes this iPad app entertaining and fun. Cost: $5.99
  3. es1 XL: This iPad app is mesmerizing. You can watch a simulation of an electron mean interaction. A great way to be entertained — or to hypnotize yourself. You can do a phase plot, or look at different energies. A cool app for any science nut who wants to see math and engineering in action. Cost: Free
  4. Quick Graph: Few things in life are as fun as playing with a graphing calculator. This iPad app can provide you with a way to have fun with equations. Shows your graphs with attractive visuals, and allows you to put together cool patterns. A great math iPad app. Cost: Free
  5. Fractile: There are few things in life cooler than fractals. You can use this iPad app to use the math magic known as fractals, and watch as the images unfold. You can even see magnification up to 10 trillion. One of the coolest and most entertaining science iPad apps out there. Cost: Free